The Luxury Replica Breitling Aviator 8 B01 Chronograph

The combination of its white subdials set against an olive drab dial and matching canvas strap makes the piece both appealing to the eye and highly legible. While the Luxury Breitling Replica blue dial B01 in steel, and brown dial/red gold example are also an easy read, they come across a bit more generic by comparison.

The newly launched reverse-panda Mosquito model is another animal altogether, and a separate topic for an upcoming Flieger Friday.Unlike several other pieces I’ve worn recently with the same setup, the resistance on this piece is firm enough that you won’t be too concerned about inadvertent bezel displacement. The Breitling Replica Watches thick ridging of its bezel does make it easy to operate as needed, and that texture detail is mirrored in its oversized screw-down crown.

The movement is utilitarian in design, albeit well finished.Aside from color choice this is the only real direct nod to the plane found on the Replica Watches UK itself, which was a smart move. The caliber is COSC certified, which is the case for all of their in-house calibers.

At a purely visual level, the case design and proportions work wonderfully on this piece, but bumping down to a 22mm lug width wouldn’t ruin its aesthetics in the least.